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Positive Impacts of Feeding Starving Children

People must be healthy for them to have a long life. A comfortable ;lifestyle entails us to have a good health condition. Unhealthy people do not live for long. We have to be healthy for us to achieve the objectives that we have in our lives. Good health will make sure that we are strong enough to do our work. We have to take a good diet that will make sure that we are healthy. When we take a poor diet, it will make us weak, therefore we shall be easily attacked by infections that make our health to be weak. It is therefore important for people to take a healthy meal to make sure their bodies remain healthy in all ways.

Most developing countries are affected by lack of food. This why so many young people will always die in such areas. With reason, children are really helped with food to make sure that the survive in such regions. They do this because they know that the children are the ones that will become important people in the future days. It is through helping them we are assured that the future generation will have a bright future. Through this act of charity, the children will grow up to become important people in the coming days. This is because the children are very bright. It is through feeding the children that they will be able to have a good time in school learning, as they will excel and become important people in their future days.

Most of the children will always do well at school. Through this help, they become good leaders as they will be able to help their people in the future as they are aware of the problems that people face, as they were once there. This is also a way of reducing the number of deaths that we experience. Children being weaker than the elder people, they will not be able to survive for a long time. Children are very sensitive as they are not strong enough to be able to survive in the hunger situation. This is why the children are fed before other people.

Feeding children will help to boost the economy of a country. It is the efforts of the young people that a countrys economy is at a good state. This is because they are the most active group in the population in a country. By feeding they children, we make sure that the future of the country is bright. These children will grow to be healthy people and they will help in the promotion of the economy of a country. It is vital to make sure that the organizations are able to educate these children on matters that will help them in life.

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