The Challenges of Nursing, and Four Quick Tips to Settle Them for Good

New mommies have plenty to deal with in those first few weeks. There are enough obstacles and dilemmas to oversee to settle a lifetime or five. But, there’s a responsibility to care and do the absolute best job, and there are resources to help.

The one area that is the most head-scratching is in nursing. Yes nursing, as taboo as it is, is a major area of concern and trepidation. Below are some handy tips to get over and above a period of restless and uncomfortable nursing.

Don’t Fight Against It

If a mom adopts nursing and chooses to go that route, they should go 1oo% with it. This means feeding when the baby is ready and not stopping until they are done. When the milk comes in, the best way to respond is through feeding. Mothers need to feed their baby more than they probably think is good. Embrace it and feed as much as feels necessary.

Nurse Lying Down

This point is pretty straightforward. It is much better to do it this way for sleep purposes. It is especially effective in the evening. It sets a nice and relaxing tone. Plus, mommies can actually lean back and relax a bit.

Set tangible and Short-Term Goals

There’s no sense setting the world on fire. If there is any hesitation to breastfeeding (and there usually is), take small steps. Adopt daily goals, such as nursing once for the day. That’s okay. The next day, try to fill a container. Take these small steps to survive the first four weeks.

It Will Get Easier

Everything settles into a nice routine at some point. Further, habits are made after about a month. Remember that the first four weeks are undoubtedly the most challenging. From that point on, habits and routines begin to settle and things are better. It’s also much less draining on the body physically after this learning curve period.

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